Aromas Galore

There is nothing that says yummy better than tasty aromas wafting from the kitchen. Even when you are less than hungry a delightful aroma can cause your mouth to start watering. Take garlic for instance, one of the most aromatic of all ingredients. If you are expecting company for dinner try this trick to get them swooning from the moment you open the door. Put 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a small skillet and heat up. Add 2 cloves of garlic crushed or finely diced. Stir it around for 15 seconds and then take the skillet for a walk around the house (especially by the front door). The aroma will have them chomping at the bit for what’s on the menu.

Fresh baked bread is another aroma that is hard to resist. I had to stop baking bread regularly because I was eating too much of it! When a fresh loaf comes out of the oven, I am always tempted to promptly cut off the heel, slather it in butter (not margarine or any other butter substitute) and delight myself in a simple pleasure.

Anything that is prepared in a slow cooker is usually filled with wonderful aromas. Starting with garlic and onions, then adding some wonderful herbs and spices that will fill your house with yummy goodness. The problem with using the slow cooker when you are at home is that you are tantalized with all those lovely smells throughout the day. This can cause a frustrated anticipation and prompt you to impatience. It may even make you turn the slow cooker to high when you know the recipe called for low. You can avoid this temptation by only using the slow cooker when you will be out for the day. The other way to avoid this temptation is to put the slow cooker on at night for a wonderful dinner for breakfast. Sometimes that’s the best way to start your day.

Each different ethnic group has their own aromas that will prompt you to euphoria. We’ve already covered the most prevalent one in Italian cooking which is garlic. What do you think of when you consider Oriental cuisine? Perhaps it’s the sesame flavors. Sesame Oil is a very strong flavor and needs to be used with finesse. Garlic is also very present in most forms of oriental cuisine. When I think of Mexican the aromas that come to mind are corn tortillas, cheese, cumin, cilantro tomatoes and onions.

Any time you have a mixture of good ingredients going into a dish, the result will be tantalizing aromas exuding from your kitchen. And let’s not forget that the first part of tasting how good a meal is, is how good it smells!

December 8, 2009 - 8:11 pm Jen - YUM, YUM!!!! sounds like my kitchen tonight!

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