I’m thinking it would have been a whole lot easier telling my story if I had done it as I went along. But I got sidetracked along the way. It starts off something like this: My parents taught me good work ethics and let me know that if I was willing to do something I could make money at it. One thing I really enjoyed was working in the kitchen. I got a hold of some old cookbooks and decided that making bread would be a fun thing to do. Besides, the aroma in the kitchen was to die for. When I shared my home baked bread with others they just went ballistic and were willing to pay me money to bake them bread. In High school, I started a business called,  “Becky’s Breads, Braids and Buns” and had the perfect business plan. My mother would buy all the ingredients and let me keep all the income. What I wouldn’t give today to be able to create that same business plan.

Soon I fell in love with a surfer boy that was totally vegetarian. I had to learn a whole new way of cooking. Being the adventurous person that I am I was willing to try anything. I even made my own tofu from scratch – you know, the kind of scratch that started with dry soybeans out of which you make your own soy milk, curdle it and create the cheese. The point here is not a certain way of cooking or eating but rather the adventurous spirit with which to face the kitchen.

I ended up marrying that surfer boy and for our honeymoon, we shipped a Datsun pickup with a camper on the back to Maui, lived for a year camping out and shooting the surf. At that point we were still non cow eaters except for the occasional Azeka’s ribs that all vegetarians will try at least once. Over the next 30 years we ended up raising a family of 4, moving from a camper to a “real house” (several in fact) and changing from herbivores to omnivores.

Now here’s the good part. During the last few decades, my husband and I made a pact (this is a good thing for married couples to do): He was in charge of inviting guests and I was in charge of feeding them. You see, he is a very out going social character whereas I on the other hand tend to be quiet and reserved (those of you who know me better stop laughing) until I am forced into a social atmosphere.

I was always looking for new ways to impress my guests. This was a difficult feat given the fact that I was also working full time building up our family photography and photo lab business. All I knew was that I loved good food and I enjoyed putting flavors together. When asked where I get my inspiration, I have to admit that trying first course dishes at a restaurant is a great influence as to the flavors that I end up using.

So now we’ve come to where I am today. I am simply a woman, wife of 1, mother of 4, mother in law of 3, grandmother of 6 and I thoroughly enjoy making homey comfort food yummy and amazing. I like to use wholesome ingredients, herbs and spices to create taste sensations. The ultimate goal of my cooking style is to bring friends and family together.