Cinco de Mayo 2014

So we went all day with no real Mexican food and it just seemed wrong. I know Cinco de Mayo is not a real Mexican celebration, although is does commemorate one battle’s victory, having grown up in California it was always noted.

It was time for an afternoon snack (that actually was filling enough for dinner). Looking around at my inventory, I opted for chips and guacamole. My Haas avocado tree is coming into season and I have been picking about 5 avocados every 4 or 5 days. It is taking about a week to ripen which means the mother lode will happen soon. These avos are not too large so I used 2 to make a batch of guacamole. I like to keep it simple so these are the other ingredients I added: chopped onion, diced tomato, Spike seasoning, lemon juice and garlic. The avos were so rich and creamy!

Now onto the chips. The only thing I had in the pantry was an old bag of chip pieces and I wanted something better. For some reason I had an increased supply of corn tortillas (inventory control fail) so I thought what would be better than to make fresh chips. I filled up the cast iron skillet with Grape Seed oil, cut the tortillas is sixths and fried away. As soon as they came out of the oil I sprinkled them with Ormus and voila! Add to this a bowl of salsa and some jalepeno slices I now had my Cinco de Mayo celebration.

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