Monthly Archives: September 2009

Big and Little

Here’s a tip for all those out there that love to shop at Costco (or other bulk stores) but you don’t like to keep lugging those big bottles out of the cupboard. Let’s take the example of Canola Oil. The gallon jug at Costco is just so much less per ounce than going to Safeway […]

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Timing is Everything

How is it that some people can cook up a storm but when you are invited to their place for dinner it is somehow “without”? Then you visit someone else that doesn’t have any great culinary skills but when you sit down to the meal everything is somehow perfect. What really makes the difference? In […]

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Planning Meals – Shopping Part 3

Here’s where the fun comes in. You can do as little or as much in this category as you have needs desires and space. This is all about perishable foods. This includes what you store in the fridge and the freezer – Dairy, fruits, veggies, and meats. What can I absolutely not do without? Of […]

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