Before the Seabury Craft’s Fair

We are gearing up for the annual Seabury Craft’s Fair held annually the Saturday before Mother’s Day. And what does this have to do with a food blog? Well, duh, somebody has to feed the boys so they can do their work! Had a lot of prep work for the fair in terms of our new “Chromaplex” series. My boys got engrossed in their work and I was hungry. Usually, the boys are hungry first, but c’mon, a girl has a right to be hungry now and then.

So there was breakfast, albeit, brunch (9:30 am). What do I have in the fridge that will work for a manly brunch? I found some ham, oh and about 2 TBSP of leftover hollandaise sauce. How about an omelet Benedict? Take some diced onions, diced ham, add to that the leftover Hollandaise sauce – ready for the insides. Grate some cheese (I used sharp black label variety), and oh my, I have some Haas Avos ripe from the tree (the truth is, I have to make sure I pick the lower ones first – I have caught my dogs picking and eating them before I get there!).

The other item leftover in the fridge was some brown sweet rice. I’m thinking’ cheese rice and omelet. Got the omelet filling prepped and am now ready to put it all together. The rice in one pan and the eggs in the other. The trick to a great omelet is to heat the pan up to the exact temperature that one drop of egg cooks without browning. Turn the heat all the way down and pour in your eggs. Roll the pan around until even and almost cooked. Add the cheese and other ingredients and wait…wait for it…here it comes…the perfect, tender omelet.

For the cheese rice, I started with a spoonful of ghee, added the leftover rice and cooked until hot. Add a little Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and a handful of sharp cheddar…voila! Super Yumminess. I’m sure my children can remember plenty of cheese rice mornings.

My next job was getting the lawn mowed so we could put up the tent for a dry run through. Really wanted to do a little more weeding or weed eating but that was not going to work out for today.

When all was done, ended up ready for lunch about 2pm. Got some gnarly filets from Whole Foods and decided to wrap the meat in bacon and spice up with some ormus and 4 peppercorn mix. Add to this a little oyster sauce. Throw this on the bar bee and yummy! To complement the meat, we added some sliced heirloom tomatoes sprinkled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, ormus, pepper and blue cheese, and some raw sugar snap peas.

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