May 24, 2011

The only thing that’s bad about getting a really good massage is that if you don’t drink enough water afterward, your body will suffer. I think that Randy didn’t get his fair share of water because today he is feeling a little under.

I love the pork breakfast sausages from Whole Foods. What we usually do is buy 12 sausages, then freeze them 3 each in a ziplock. They stay fresh and it only takes a little while to thaw them out. I do the same thing with bacon and freeze it 4 slices at a time. Now I know that if you have a family, you would need to increase the amount in each package, but for us “empty nesters” it works real well. I guess the beginning of this week is pamper Becky days. Monday I got a massage and Tuesday I got my hair cut. I feel so spoiled to have people “work” on me. Well, I need to be downtown by 10am so that means breakfast must not wait until 10:30. Got some paperwork done before breakfast. Then it was sausages, scrambled eggs and toast.

After breakfast I hurried off to my hair appointment as I had some ink to deliver before going in. Got my hair done (just wash and trim), now I’m off to Kihei to pick up some jewelry that Randy needs to shoot. Made it to the jewelry store, but the jeweler was still working on one of the pieces so I had to wait 40 minutes before picking it up. That really put me behind and I still need to do some shopping before going home. Looks like I will be eating lunch out. I don’t want to wait until 3:00 for lunch and it just isn’t a good idea to go grocery shopping hungry. I went to Pinata’s for lunch. I really wanted to have taquitos which they sometimes have and sometimes do not. They weren’t actually on the menu today, but the cook made me up a batch anyway. That’s what I call customer service.

Now that I have a full tummy, it’s time to pick up the last minute things I need for Melissa’s fund raiser on Thursday. Also, we are having cornish game hens for dinner and I am all out of curry powder and apples. That just won’t do. I like getting my curry powder from Down to Earth in their bulk spice section. It has a really nice balance of flavors. I think I will get a bunch of junk food at Costco so I am not making everything from scratch. Shopping is done and I head back up the hill. That’s when I remembered that I need to get a few things that are only in a regular grocery store so that means one more stop at Foodland in Pukalani. The gas gauge on the Mini has decided to stop working again. I knew that Randy had just filled up, but when I was on the way downtown it registered zero nun pooey. It was very fickle the whole trip, sometimes registering nothing and sometimes showing nearly full and everything in between.

Got home and put away the groceries and it’s already after three so I guess I need to start thinking about prepping the birds. First, I peeled one garlic flower. Then chopped the cloves up fine and put them in a bowl. Took a little trip out to the herb garden and picked some basil, oregano and rosemary. Chopped the herbs and put them in another bowl. In the third bowl went about 1/4 C of rock salt and in the forth bowl went the curry powder. The last thing I need to do is core the apple and cut into slices. I use one of those apple corer things which gives me 8 perfect slices. I rub the seasonings inside and out starting with the cavity. First the salt, then the curry powder, some garlic and herbs and finally 4 slices of apple. Rub all the seasonings on the outside, then wrap in foil. I wrap the hens in two layers of foil so that all those good juices stay next to the bird until I am ready to release them. I will be cooking these on the top rack of my barbecue at 400 degrees F for about 30-45 minutes, turning every 5 minutes. After this initial cooking is complete, I unwrap all the foil, drizzle ghee on the outside and brown the skin. For this, I turn up the heat and cook it on the bottom rack. After all is said and done, the birds come off of the heat, get covered in foil again, and take a cat nap (about 7-10 minutes). Meat should always rest after coming off the heat so that you don’t lose all those wonderful juices. After the nap is over, I cut the birds in half and serve complete with the apples that have baked inside. It’s almost like serving the birds with applesauce, but it’s not the applesauce Grandma used to make. This one has curry and herbs and garlic as well as the hen juices all incorporated in it. So then we did a quick steam to some asparagus, added a little fresh squeezed garlic, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and called it a day.

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