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Leftovers 101

It has been said that I am the leftover queen. I have to tell you that I am only living what my mother taught me. How do you take a bunch of leftover stuff and create an entirely new meal that your family will not even know is leftovers and at the same time save […]

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Aromas Galore

There is nothing that says yummy better than tasty aromas wafting from the kitchen. Even when you are less than hungry a delightful aroma can cause your mouth to start watering. Take garlic for instance, one of the most aromatic of all ingredients. If you are expecting company for dinner try this trick to get […]

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Comfort Food

There is nothing more satisfying than a meal that warms the cockles of your heart. Some things that come to mind are Toasted Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup, Avocado Tacos with Alfalfa Sprouts or Shoyu Chicken with Brown Sweet Rice. These things conjure up a pleasantry in my mind that is difficult to describe with […]

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