A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen

I was just thinking today about the bus driver I had when I was in 6th grade. She had just two rules for riding her bus:

1) A quiet bus is a happy bus

2) A clean bus is a happy bus

She was actually more adamant about rule number 2. If you were to shoot a spit wad, Clean It Up. If you want to toss your homework, Clean It Up. If you feel you need to mess with someone else’s “stuff”, Clean It Up.

Then it got me to thinking about what my mom taught me about working in the kitchen. Basically she told me the same thing in two ways:

1) A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen

2) You will never be a real chef (or cook, for that matter) if you cannot clean up after yourself.

I just want to say Thank you to both my mother (the best mother in the world) and my bus driver (the only one I had) for teaching me this valuable life lesson.

So just remember, cleaning is as important as cooking.

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