Family Reunions

Family reunions can be very stressful. Having to plan for more than just your immediate family can cause all sorts of problems. You know it has been said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” , and that’s what is at the root of most stressful get togethers. My problem is, that once I start planning, I end up over planning. There is a fine balance between the two.


One of the biggest issues is knowing how many people you will be accommodating. There’s the matter of plates, silverware, napkins, chairs and tables, as well as available space. Not everyone knows how to RSVP and many times a family get together lasts more than one day especially if relatives are traveling from out of town.  The only way that I have found to overcome this problem is to simply plan the best you can. Call people, get a feel for when they will be visiting. Hopefully this will give you a starting point. Always have a backup plan for those surprise drop ins that simply didn’t know they would be coming by.


Speaking of back up plans, I always have certain things in the pantry that I can use at the drop of a hat. Certain herbs and spices, some different canned foods that can be used in a pinch, snack items such as crackers chips and nuts, and of course items such as flour sugar salt and pepper that can be used in so many ways.


So remember, have the basics in stock, call around and ask for input, but most of all, after all the planning, just give in and have fun!

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