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Beans beans the musical fruit

You’re right, beans are not a fruit they are in the legume family. For years I felt that the easiest way to serve beans was to open up the can and pour. Well my daughter, Jennifer called me today and reminded me this was not always the case. Interesting fact – I have just started […]

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How to boil chicken without boiling over.

Have you ever started chicken (chicken parts, chicken guts for dog food, just making chicken broth) to boil and walked away? The phone rings, the dog barks, the cat demands a snack. Suddenly you hear a sound coming from the kitchen and no matter how fast you run, there is no way you can save […]

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Chef Rebecca goes shopping_01

What’s the best way to get the freshest organic produce? I don’t have the time or the energy to grow my own so I do the second best thing. I seek out local Maui organic farmers to do the work for me and I get to reap the benefits. Fresh organic produce at a fraction […]

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