Aromas Part II

After I finished yesterday’s blog about cooking aromas, my husband reminded me about the fact that all aromas are not savory. Especially at this time of year, we are hit with a plethora of sweet aromas. There is nothing that reminds me more of Thanksgiving and Christmas than the smell of candy being made in the house. The undeniable scent of butter and sugar melding together to form the most delectable treats. Nuts being toasted to decorate candies and cakes. Butter cookies baking in the oven. These are the scents of the holidays that bring us all back to our childhood experiences of helping Mom in the kitchen.

How about the smell of sweet breads…like banana nut bread or pumpkin bread? Now that’s an aroma that will definitely get the juices flowing. One of my favorite breads is Cinnamon Swirl Bread. The combination of the whole wheat dough and the sweet sugar cinnamon flavors makes me want to go in the kitchen right now and make up a batch.

Here’s a great holiday giving tip. When I make a batch of bread, instead of making 2 loaves like the recipe says, I separate it into 6 small loaves. Then I put the loaf pans onto a cookie sheet so that I only have one item to deal with in and out of the oven. ┬áThis will triple your holiday giving fun!

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