May 23, 2011

Well, I took a short blogcation but now I’m back. Monday started out with a nice walk and then some bacon and eggs. We had some mushrooms and cheese mixed into scrambled eggs. Also had some toast with honey and coconut oil.

Being in my fifties, I have been hounded lately from medical practitioners to get a mammogram. I have never believed that this is a safe practice and have always avoided it. When I was in my forties, I refused the screening, then come to find out that they are now recommending waiting until after fifty. The more I hold out on this “unsafe screening” the more information comes out against it. Dr. Mercola just posted a very informative article on this issue.

Today I was blessed with a full body massage. It was so wonderful. What is it about getting a massage that always makes me hungry? I don’t get it but it happens every time. The hard part about today is that Randy had a massage right after me so I have to wait to have lunch. We had some bratwurst and sauerkraut today complete with onions and jalepenos. Even though we had buns, we ended up having to use a fork and knife because we added so much sauerkraut.

Tonight we will be heating up some leftover soup. My favorite dinner. Along with the soup we had some toasted cheese sandwiches made with baguette bread and black label sharp cheddar. Cooked them up in my cast iron pan with a little coconut oil. Can I just say I love my cast iron pan?

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