The Joy of Sprouts

I love alfalfa sprouts. Really! I just can’t get enough of them. The problem is, there are not many outlets where you can buy alfalfa sprouts. You can find clover sprouts, radish sprouts and mixed sprouts, but alfalfa is very hard to find. Why do you suppose that is? Well, one reason is that alfalfa sprouts are more tender and delicate than the other sprouts I mentioned. I have a difficult time digesting clover and radish sprouts (I burp like a pig) but I don’t have those issues with alfalfa sprouts.

It was this revelation that made me decide that I would work on always having fresh alfalfa sprouts in the house. I thought it might be a difficult task but discovered how simple and rewarding sprouting my own alfalfa could be.

The hardware is fairly simple. You will need 1 qt sized canning jar with ring top (the wide mouth variety is preferable), some cheese cloth, a tupperware that you can finish the sprouts in that has a lid for storage.

Start with 2 TBS alfalfa seeds
Put in jar, cover with water, put cheese cloth on the top and screw on the lid.

In the morning, pour out water, rinse with fresh water, pour that out and shake the jar holding the lid end in a wrist-twisty sort of motion so the seeds adhere to the sides. Continue this process daily until the sprouts end up in a clump instead of adhering to the side of the jar. At this point pour out into your tupperware and spread evenly. Depending on how sprout crazy you are, now would be a good time to start the next batch. Cover with wet cheese cloth. Continue to water daily until sprouts are at the height of the top of the tupperware. On this day, set the sprouts outside in the sun to get a last dose of sunshine before being stored in the fridge.

Voila! Your own fresh alfalfa sprouts.

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