May 16, 2011

Well this is turning out to be quite the busy day. We need to get downtown to do an on location shoot so this kind of cuts into the morning routine. By the time we actually got outside to walk Roxie, we only had time to walk up to the highway and back (just shy of 1 mile). Well, at least we got out and manufactured some Vitamin D.

Since we are pressed for time we decided to make tacos for breakfast. A couple of corn tortillas and some leftover fixings will do just the trick. After breakfast, we did a little work and then off to Wailuku. While Randy was shooting, I ran a couple of errands that we had in Wailuku. Then it was off to Fedex. We were pressed to get there before 12 noon as that is their cut off for shipments. Back in the day, we had until 5pm for inter island shipments, but not any more. All packages must be at the base by noon. By this time I was hungry and I knew since I was going grocery shopping I should eat first so I didn’t over buy. Last night we watched a show on the Cooking Channel about hot peppers and ever since Randy has had a real hankering for the spunk. So when I mentioned that I was hungry, Randy’s first reaction was let’s do Pinatas. So it looks like I’m not cooking lunch today. We ordered a chicken salad and chili rellenos and shared both dishes.

After that, it was time to shop for some groceries. Had to stop at Costco and Whole Foods and then it was time to go home and think about dinner. Well, about 5ish or maybe later, Melissa¬† calls to ask it she can invite some friends over for dinner. What am I supposed to fix. I was only prepared for dinner for 2 maybe 3, but to make dinner for 5? Well, fortunately, we had picked up some pizza dough from Whole Foods so tonight we will have BBQ’d pizza. The great thing about teenagers and/or young adults is that they engage well in “cooking lessons”.¬† I get the Whole Wheat Pizza dough from Whole Foods and cut it in fourths to make four pizzas out of one glob of dough. Well, I have to say that it was a really fun pizza party and everyone enjoyed the interaction of the chopping, sprinkling and throwing on the barbee. We did also heat up some of the leftover soup and now I’m done.

May 19, 2011 - 10:06 am Jen - And if we lived on Maui we would have been at your house celebrating Josh' birthday!

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