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Aloha I’m Chef Rebecca. Welcome to my blog. Chefs are ultimately in the pleasure business and anyone that enjoys cooking should consider themselves a chef. Webster’s dictionary states that a chef is a skilled cook who manages the kitchen. I would venture to say that this would include anyone who enjoys cooking. To that end, I would like to share some of my life’s experiences in the kitchen that will add flair to your ordinary dishes. And this will bring your friends and family together.

May 30, 2011 Memorial Day

Memorial Day…Really? Well, I am glad that we don’t leave until tomorrow. The day started out with…hmmmm…well, let’s just say that I didn’t even wake up today until 5am! That’s right, none of that what can I do between 1 and 4am, just oh gee, it’s 5 and time to get up. Did the usual early morning routine – coffee, newspaper, crosswords…then Randy reminded me that we were going down to Sprecklesville to shoot the coastline. We had a little Mars/Venus moment as he said, “Let’s shoot pictures at the beach” and I thought “The beach is sandy…” hmmmm. Turns out he was thinking of going left at the parking area and I was thinking right. Who knew that right was sandy and left was rocky. Well, we did take the “road” less traveled. Unfortunately, since in my mind we were going to a sandy beach, I wore slippers instead of tennis shoes. Note to self, “When husband wants to shoot pictures on beach, AND said husband dons his tennie runners, take heed, the terrain is built for shoes, not slippahs”.

I did know how long one quick picture takes so I made a quick quesadilla for each of us as well as some ice water to take to the beach. When we did finish the shoot, I was really hungry. I wish I liked going out to breakfast because then I would have talked Randy into taking me out. When we were done it was only about 9:30 or so and I didn’t think the Saigon Cafe was open yet. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for Vietnamese. The only thing that would have made sense to go out for was green papaya salad and roll your own burritos. Soooooo, I remembered that we had a little eggplant leftover from the other night and voila, there was our breakfast. By the time we were about done with breakfast, Melissa woke up and decided to make waffles. Therefore, it was eggplant for breakfast and waffles for dessert.

Since we are leaving tomorrow for a conference in San Carlos so today it is prep day. Need to get a couple of loads of laundry done, as well as balancing the checkbooks and ironing shirts. We thawed out some boneless pork chops and had our favorite Josh Barut pork with pepper dipping sauce. We served it with cole slaw and garlic green beans. Time for a quick nap and then some more work.

For dinner, we thawed out a portion of pizza dough and I made a tomato basil pizza on the barbecue to go along with our soup. If all this garlic today doesn’t keep away those vampires I don’t know what will! I think I have used about 4 flowers of garlic in the last two days.

May 29, 2011

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